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Magnetic Fabulashes
Fabulashes Eyeliner / Ks01-5
Fabulashes Eyeliner / Ks02-5
Magnetic Fabulashes
Magnetic Fabulashes

Magnetic Fabulashes

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World's First Magnetic Eyeliner False Eyelash System!

Just pick the model
    And you can have lashes which are ridiculously easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear through the day. Flexible enough to adjust to your active lifestyle. The product that will change how women wear false eyelashes!


    Fabulashes Upgrade 3D glamour magnetic eyelashes with the newest magnet design, create the most glamorous look with these 3D magnetic eyelashes. NO more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes.

    Eliminate the need for glue. Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful lashes. It can be put on with one hand - No special skills or makeup artist needed. The fabulashes system couldn't be easier to use. The eyeliner is applied the same as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly "click" into place. That’s it!

How to use?

#1 Line up

#2 Lash Up

#3 Times Up!

Time to say goodbye to the messy glue fake lashes and hello to the NEW FABULASHES professional formula!


Kit Includes


      • No glue, hypoallergenic and non-irritating ingredients
      • Suitable for all skin types
      • Cruelty-Free

How to Remove the Magnetic Eyeliner?
Coconut oil or Makeup Remover, are great options for removing the eyeliner, these will be able to remove it easily.